Visiting your cardiologist on a regular basis is key to a healthy life. Whether you're feeling the effects of the common cold or just coming in for a checkup, we want to make sure you have all the facts you need to make an educated decision about your health.

Services we offer include:

A noninvasive procedure used to assess the organs and structures within the abdomen.
Identifies allergens, like mold, pet dander, and peanuts, that can cause allergies. During a skin prick test, a healthcare provider introduces allergens into your skin to check for a wheal (raised mark), rash or other reactions.
A powerful diagnostic tool to assess communication from the brain to various organs such as the heart & vascular system, lungs, kidneys, stomach, liver, intestines & digestive system.
Measures the pressure in your arteries as your heart pumps blood.
A blood test is when a sample of your blood is taken for testing in a laboratory. A urine test checks different components of urine, a waste product made by the kidneys.
A safe, painless procedure that uses sound waves to examine the blood flow through the carotid arteries.
An imaging test that produces pictures of the chest which helps spot any abnormalities in the chest.
An ultrasound that is a graphic outline of the heart’s movement.
Records the electrical signal from the heart to check for different heart conditions.
A non-invasive test that helps assess the health of your liver. Specifically, it uses ultrasound technology to determine the degree of fibrosis or scarring that may be present in your liver from various liver diseases or conditions.
A noninvasive test that include a variety of breathing techniques to check how well the lungs work.
A very simplified breathing monitor that tracks your breathing, oxygen levels and breathing effort while worn.
An exercise test that shows how your heart works through physical activity. It can reveal problems with blood flow within your heart because exercise makes your heart pump harder and faster.
A sound wave picture of the thyroid gland taken by a hand-held instrument and translated to a 2-dimensional picture on a monitor. It is used in diagnosis of tumors, cysts or goiters of the thyroid, and is a painless, no-risk procedure.
A non-invasive test that checks the blood flow in arteries and veins.

Emergency Treatment

If you have a life-threatening or severe injury, call 911 or go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room.

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